January 23, 2022


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ADAComply – Are you protected?

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“Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

That’s a commonly known principle. As a business owner, you have to keep up with the ever-changing laws.

What really sucks is when attorneys find an angle in a law that they can use to come after you.

That’s happened with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Everyone knows that this means you have to do things like provide a ramp in addition to those stairs to get in your front door.

What most don’t know is that it’s not just about brick and mortar stores…

It’s also about websites.

That’s right, thanks to a decision by the US Supreme Court, website owners need to comply, as well, making their websites accessible to those who are blind, deaf, or unable to type.

That’s estimated to be 1 in every 5 of your website visitors. If you aren’t serving them, you’re hurting yourself 2 ways:

1) You’re opening yourself up for legal action, and
2) You’re ignoring 20 percent of your potential buyers.

[+] Target.com
[+] Etrade.com
[+] H&R Block
[+] NetFlix.com
[+] Hulu.com
[+] Amazon.com
[+] MIT
[+] Harvard University
[+] Domino’s Pizza
[+] MLB
[+] SafeWay
[+] Carnival Cruises
[+] Weight Watchers
[+] 50 US Colleges

All of the above have been hit with ADA-related lawsuits because of their websites.

If these big companies and organizations with full legal departments can’t get it right? How can you?

Especially scary when you consider:

[+] $6,000,000 was the settlement cost of a recent large case
[+] $50,000+ is the average legal cost to small businesses

So that’s what you’re facing. Your websites have to be ADA compliant, so someone who is deaf or blind can access them. Everything is under scrutiny — websites, apps, even PDFs.

To be ADA compliant, you need some necessary set up for ALL your web content, whether web pages, videos, etc;

[+] Text to speech feature
[+] Alt text for all images
[+] Zoom feature
[+] Accessibility policy pages

and a host of other important changes and fixes.

Because ADA provides that web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.

This ends up being a TON of work and a big problem for ALL website owners.

But it could also be an opportunity…

Think about it… if you can now serve the disabled with your website, you have a whole new group of potential customers.

Get ADA compliant : Click here now

ADAComply is a first to market saas platform that helps you get your website and ALL your web content ADA Compliant simply by pasting a single line of code on your website.

Want to see it in action? Click the floating icon in the bottom left of this page and you will see the ADA controls displayed for your use.

It has awesome web accessibility widgets that cater to all the compliance requirements plus helps you set up accessibility policy statement pages by following a few simple steps…

1) Add a new website to your ADA Compliant dashboard with the web URL address
2) Click to copy the code to your website
3) Paste the code in your website’s footer.

And that’s it.

Becoming ADA compliant makes your websites and web content more accessible, therefore;

[+] You can rank higher on search engines
[+] And you get an easy “foot in the door” into the over $650 Billion per year disabled market.

In addition to saving potentially tens of thousands of dollars from imminent lawsuits.

Get ADA compliant: Click here now

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